Value for money - to us this means more than just competitive tendering. Adding value is about using expertise and creativity to save or to set a strategic path to deliver an outcome. This page is dedicated to Ringley hero’s who have saved their Clients' money.

Saved £9,576


Andersens Wharf
How did we do it?
The previous Agent set up the water wrong. The block had paid commercial water rates since 2004. We clawed back 6 years cash - £9,576 and reduced the VAT rate to residential. Naturally it took a fight with Thames Water and reference to the CCWater.

Saved £10,626

St dunstans

St Dunstans Canterbury
How did we do it?
£10,626 which rightfully was due to St Dunstan's Canterbury had been lurking on the balance sheet unaddressed for many years prior to Ringley being appointed. Ringley set about obtaining proof that this was in fact an EDF refund that Peverel or FirstPort as they are now called were sitting on.

Saved £11,586


Saxon Hall
How did we do it?
£11,586 saved on the buildings insurance premium. Quite simply Ringley don't take huge commissions or hype premiums. We prefer to pass savings onto Clients. That way we have more happy Clients.

Saved £12,000


128 Haverstock Hill
How did we do it?
Previously Freehold managed by Ringley we helped the leaseholders buy the Freehold after the Section 5 Notice timed out. We brokered a deal £12,000 cheaper than buying the Freehold through the enfranchisement route. The Client then switched to our support service saving more!

Saved £12,750


Alliance Close, Wembley
How did we do it?
The Housing Association did not want to be part of a voluntary UPVC window replacement project. But they did want the Management Company to redecorate their block. We bought a copy of their transfer and confirmed this to be their liabaility £12,750 saved.

Saved £12,872


Mundania Court
How did we do it?
Big saving on insurance. After helping the owners buy the freehold we competitively re-tendered the insurance and achieved a 50% saving

Saved £12,935


Cunningham Court
How did we do it?
Ridding this block of an expensive Freeholder's Agent saw their management fees reduce by £12,935 per annum, a wopping £404 per flat.

Saved £13,000

Geneva court

Geneva Court
How did we do it?
After an era of over charging and wrongly charging by Peverel. The previous managing agent Peverel paid bills in error to EDF. We went to the Ombudsman and managed to get a refund of 13k from them.

Saved £13,367


Trinity Close
How did we do it?
The porter was struggling to deliver the vision, the residents vote wanted change. We reviewed the roles and negotiated with the porter to live off site and marginally reduce his hours. Renting the flat will produce income desperately needed to help repair the roof.

Saved £17,849

Worsley grange

Worsley Grange
How did we do it?
After taking this site over from another well known Agent we analysed rising water costs and current usage. We negotiated a back claim some 4 years and achieved a refund of £17,849.57.