Value for money - to us this means more than just competitive tendering. Adding value is about using expertise and creativity to save or to set a strategic path to deliver an outcome. This page is dedicated to Ringley hero’s who have saved their Clients' money.

Saved £1,654


Vanbern House
How did we do it?
It took us 4 years to get 75% of owners signed up to a S37 application to vary the lease to get rid of a defective insurance clause. Now the block can buy 1 insurance policy, saving £1,654pa for ever. Previously there were 11 policies and lots of arguments.

Saved £1,760

Frias close

Friars Close - (Griggs Place)
How did we do it?
Window cleaning was a significant budget cost at £800 per quarter. We re-tendered and achieved £360 per quarter and an annual saving of £1,760.

Saved £2,072


Howitt Close
How did we do it?
No more Freshwater, no more live in porter/cleaner, no more rip off repairs costs. Since appointing Ringley typical service charges have decreased from the Freshwater days of £3,644.65 to £1,572. Thats a whopping £2,072 !

Saved £2,200


Streatham Common North (21)
How did we do it?
When pigeon proofing for this awkward building with lots of nooks and crannies came in at £5,000 we knew that was too much for 20 people to afford. We worked hard to track down other solutions to traditional pigeon spikes and got the whole building treated for £2,800 + access.

Saved £2,821


Camden Road
How did we do it?
Post claiming the right to manage we helped this block reduce its insurance premium from £3,888 to £1,067 - a whopping £2,821 saved. That is more than the cost of our fee.

Saved £2,829


Belsize Square
How did we do it?
saved more than the cost of our fee. Expert negotiation works.

Saved £3,000


Clive Court
How did we do it?
Clive Court exercised their Right to Manage, after growing concerns over escalating fees and very little transparency with the previous Managing Agent. The 1st saving Ringley delivered was almost £3,000 on the Buildings insurance.

Saved £3,274


Eldon Court
How did we do it?
Following our freehold purchase self managing was a struggle. We chose Ringley who set about analysing our completion statements and sorting out the remnants of no management. Ringley achieved a £3,274 saving on our insurance - that means we now have a competent agent for FREE.

Saved £3,500


Limington court
How did we do it?
Defective lease drafting led to 7 Flats who were wrongly legally obliged to contribute to a lift when they lived in a block with no lift. Ringley took a lease variation case to the Tribunal using Section 37 of the 1987 Landlord & Tenant Act to get the leases varied.

Saved £3,714


Northiam Mgmt
How did we do it?
We collected a premium for the intermediate landlord (our Client) of £3,714. The previous Agent was not collecting this. Good for the enfranchisee. Bad for our Client who ends up with a duty to pay more ground rent than they collect.