Value for money - to us this means more than just competitive tendering. Adding value is about using expertise and creativity to save or to set a strategic path to deliver an outcome. This page is dedicated to Ringley hero’s who have saved their Clients' money.

Saved £0


Royal York Mansions
How did we do it?
Before going bankrupt the freeholder collected/spent money that could not be accounted for. The building fell into ever greater dis-repair when the official receiver failed to collect service charges or manage the building. The Court appointed Ringley.

Saved £5,232


Brecon Heights
How did we do it?
We believe in local is often best. It's greener too. We saved 75% on gardening by re-tenering locally for a gardener/handyman.

Saved £2,200


Streatham Common North (21)
How did we do it?
When pigeon proofing for this awkward building with lots of nooks and crannies came in at £5,000 we knew that was too much for 20 people to afford. We worked hard to track down other solutions to traditional pigeon spikes and got the whole building treated for £2,800 + access.

Saved £30,000


St Dunstans
How did we do it?
Ringley took over the management of a multi-block site in 2011 and as part of the handover, Ringleys inherited phase one of a two phase external refurbishment scheme from another Chartered Surveyors. Ringleys managed the project in 2013 and managed to save approximately £30,000 by carefully tendering and administering the contract.

Saved £128,000


How did we do it?
When 3 experts recommended mechanical cooling to deal with common parts temperatures of 32.3 degrees celcius Ringley introduced passive ventilation techniques. Temperatures have reduced by up to 6.8 degrees celcius, £128,000 was saved against mechanical options, with no expensive plant to maintain.

Saved £10,626

St dunstans

St Dunstans Canterbury
How did we do it?
£10,626 which rightfully was due to St Dunstan's Canterbury had been lurking on the balance sheet unaddressed for many years prior to Ringley being appointed. Ringley set about obtaining proof that this was in fact an EDF refund that Peverel or FirstPort as they are now called were sitting on.

Saved £45,000


Avante Court
How did we do it?
Built about 2002 this block of 100 flats was suffering from badly stained pigmented render due to the absence of coping stones to throw water clear. Our role was to cost the options of (1) cleaning (2) painting and to overcome expensive access issues.

Saved £4,318


College Street
How did we do it?
The former accountant had expensed a utility company security deposit and therefore it had got lost at account transfer. We uncovered this and retrieved £4K for the Client, 4 years after this had got missed. A nice windfall.

Saved £37,787


How did we do it?
£37,787.20 savings made up of £9,435.31 and £25,531.89 from the developer for construction water and electricity use respectively. £1,500 towards the gates motor failures and £1,320 towards window cleaning not done before leaving site.

Saved £100,000

Anderson Heights
How did we do it?
Ringley Law was successful in recovering service charge arrears from a leaseholder who had maintained for over 10 years that their property was in disrepair. Ringley Law defended the counterclaim in excess of £100,000 brought by the leaseholder and by working with an expert witness and instructed Counsel, was victorious at trial. The judge’s award included over £10,000 of interest and nearly all of the Claimant’s costs

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