Rtm step 4

Having waited 14 days since serving your Participation Notice you will be ready to serve a Section 79 Claim Notice (Section 79 of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002) providing membership of the RTM Company has reached more than 50% of the qualifying leaseholders. This is the Notice that informs your landlord of your intention to claim your Right to Manage.

The Claim Notice must be sent to

  • the landlord,
  • any third parties (such as an appointed Managing Agent), and
  • You can post this notice or serve it in person.

Assuming the Landlord does not resist your claim (by serving a Counter Notice) the acquisition date for the Right to Manage is 4 months after the date of your Claim Notice. It may be worth considering, therefore, the timing of your initial Claim Notice to avoid busy periods, bank holidays and so on.

If the Landlord does not resist your claim, then congratulations you can take control of your property and the way it's services are managed.

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