Can you sue a property management company for negligence uk?

In short yes, however there are quite a few steps to go through initially. Firstly any complaint against a managing agent is best coming from a Residents Association, a Right to Manage Company (RTM) or a Residents Management Company (RMC) as this collective voice will have more weight rather than a solitary complaint from an individual resident.

Once complaint has been established it is advisable to initially write to the incumbent agent and allow them to answer and ideally rectify it. If their response is still unsatisfactory then check which ombudsman governs them. Normally agents should be members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in which case go to their website and follow their complaints procedure.

The agent may very well then deal with any issues or if in serious breach or negligence we advise you contact a specialist solicitor for recompense.

In an increasinlgy property owning country like the UK , the role and rsponsibilities of the managing agent is increasing. An ever increasing apetite for property investment compels for that investment to grow in capital value through effective block management. 

Managing agents or block management companies can potentially leave themselves open to various types of claims in the course of their contractual duties. do note there are a number of offsets that can be carried out and guidance taken that can be followed to reduce this risk. in the first instance and at the very least the managing agent should :

Make sure succinct written instructions are gained from client so that the extent of obligation is properly laid out from the beginning
Be fully compliant and have adequate insurances in place for all things fire, health and safety
Regular and detailed property inspections are carried out by a trained professional
Contractors used within blocks managed should themselves be fully vetted and have adequate professional indemnity cover

The above items obvioulsy cover the basics of meaningful holistic block management - if you are reading this to seek advice as to whether to either sue an incumbent managing agent or change them all together I am sure we can assist so do please fill out the form oon this page and we will respond to you within two hours.


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