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Why choose Cardiff Bay Conveyancing?

Cardiff Bay Conveyancing is a trading style of Ringley law, LLP, which is part of the Ringley group. The Ringley group manages over 1300 flats in the Cardiff Bay area and manage over 17,000 flats nationally.

We are familiar with the added mortgage complexities where an EWS1 and scope of works raise issues with lenders.

The Ringley Group continue to work with a number of stakeholders, including the Welsh Government and the Fire Service. The Group have champoioned Welsh Leaseholders, working with Michael Gove and RICS, which led to meetings with the International head of RICS Valuation Standards. This culminated in new policy implented by UK Finance and new RICS Valuation guidance for Wales issued in December 2023, advising Valuers to treat property valuations for properties on developments where a developer Self Remediation Contract (SRC) is signed as if all fire remedial works will be completed to an appropriate standard and an EWS1 has been issued.

"Cardiff Bay Conveyancing are specialist leasehold lawyers based in the heart of Cardiff Bay who will make the legal process of conveyancing flats faster… and cheaper. We are property specialists who understand the Bay and its complexities."

Building safety issues: We understand building safety, EWS1 categories, Developer Self Remediation Contracts 'SRC's, PAS9980's, fire doors and compartmentation surveys. We positively support buildings along the remediation route rather than stop sales.

Managing Agents packs: We don't just pass these on, instead we review them in detail as building safety is a long and complex journey. This prevents outdated packs from losing the sale.

Lender savvy: We track which lenders are risk savvy verses those that are risk adverse. We will guide you to lenders who will lend on buildings on their safety remediation journey.


We act primarily for sellers, but also act for purchasers. We have a unique approach to sales conveyancing which will usually take 2-3 weeks off the time taken to get to legal completion of the sale. If you instruct us when you put your property on the market, we will utilise this time until a buyer is found to get your sale legal bundle sorted. This means we can send your contract bundle to the buyers conveyancing lawyer on the day you accept an offer, cutting weeks off the time taken to get to completion of the sale! We call this our ‘Sorted’ system.


We have undertaken a great deal of market research and we know that we are several hundred pounds cheaper than most conveyancing firms. Virtually all conveyancing firms will have a scale of fees, starting with a headline fee, say, £650 plus VAT for conveyancing. There is then a shopping list of additional extras such as “leasehold supplement”, or “acting for lender”. Some even charge for answering enquiries. Often the list of “extras” can add up to several hundred pounds. We do not believe that this is fair for the client and we believe in transparency. We have a fixed fee in routine flat conveyancing which is £995 plus VAT. This is our total fee payable to us. As with all conveyancing matters, there will be fees payable to 3rd parties such as freeholders etc


We are based in the heart of Cardiff Bay. We have an intimate knowledge of your lease and the running of your site so we are very well placed to answer your buyer’s lawyers questions fully and quickly, thus making completion happen quicker.
We have lawyers with many years’ experience in leasehold conveyancing and can honestly say that we are leasehold experts.

Instruct us, ideally, when you put the property on the market or, alternatively, when you find a buyer so we can get your legal paper work sorted.

Contact us now at or on 02920 340178 or call at our offices at 122 West Bute Street, Cardiff CF105LJ.

Richard Read OBE>
Richard Read OBE
Director Ringley Wales and West
Julian Ings>
Julian Ings
Conveyancer/Head of Ringley Leasehold Law Wales
Lee Harle>
Lee Harle
Legal Partner
Lucy Poynter>
Lucy Poynter
Legal Assistant

Cardiff Bay Reviews

"Thank you for helping my purchasers with their questions last week. They said you were very clear and helpful so I really appreciate that..... I think now is the right time for me to resign as a director of the Hertford Lock Resident's Association. Thank you for stepping up as the Chair since Chris left, and all your help over the years. Guy"

G Chase Tower Hamlets

"I take this opportunity to thank you not only for the professional way you dealt with my lease extension but also for the support and assistance you provided. Should I need any legal assistance in the future, I assure you I will be using your good services."

Mr G

"Even though I am a solicitor myself, when I found out about Ringley I wanted to use them for the whole lease extension process because they made my life a whole lot easier in dealing with initial surveys to establish value, negotiation and even registration of the relevant documents. They were really thorough and offered a comprehensive service that made the whole process easy to understand and took away any stress. I would definitely use them again and would recommend them to anyone else. "

Mr P

"We hire friendly people and empower them to delight."