Property consultancy launches virtual lettings platform

by: Mary-Anne Bowring/BDaily

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PlanetRent helping Landlords and Agents cope with social distancing measures.

A London property consultancy has invested more than £2m in creating a suite of technological products for the residential market. Ringley Group, which manages homes across the country, has launched a new automated lettings platform, PlanetRent, to help landlords and agents cope with social distancing measures.

The platform is part of the company’s investment in new technology, which aims to connect agents, landlords, tenants, contractors, accountants and any site staff to make virtual lettings easier. Mary-Anne Bowring, group managing director at Ringley and creator of PlanetRent, said: “Coronavirus has undoubtedly caused huge disruption to the housing market but as the crisis fades we will still be left with the same problem of a rental market stuck in the analog era when we are in the digital age. “We have brought forward the launch of PlanetRent to reflect the COVID-19 landscape, with demand for remote working that won’t go away once the virus and its impact has faded.

“PlanetRent has been designed to save landlords and agents, time, money and hassle, all the school-boy errors have been designed out, reports to know everything that needs to be done has been done are automatically emailed weekly and a first-class tenant experience is assured. “We’ve mapped outcomes for every event: let, re-let, tenant substitution, vacate, repairs, marketing and everything in-between. “We expect additional demand for rental properties over the coming year thanks to disruption in the for-sale market caused by coronavirus, with people putting off buying or selling their home and high street banks restricting mortgage lending.”

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