Predictions for 2022: Brace yourself

by: Mary-Anne Bowring/Property Week

After two years of unprecedented challenges faced by real estate, experts share their predictions for 2022.

Mary-Anne Bowring

Group managing director, Ringley

This is proving to be a difficult year for bold predictions; however, some things will continue to be a certainty. The UK’s BTR sector will continue to see waves of institutional investment from large investors as it

continues to be recognised as a profitable residential asset class. With more people choosing to rent rather than buy, the

demand levels for BTR are closing in on the level of supply.

Large investors such as Lloyds Bank and Goldman Sachs have entered the sector in recent months and we can expect more of these heavyweights to continue to show interest in UK BTR.

Despite the knock-on impact of coronavirus on the UK residential market, London’s housing market is continuing to pick up momentum and this will continue throughout 2022.


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