Noise Action Week

by: Mary-Anne Bowring

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Noisy Neighbours

Noisy Neighbours are the top complaint Noise Action Week, 21-25 May 2007, aims to raise awareness about noise, noise issues and helps to promote a responsible attitude towards noise. As part of Noise Action Week, reveals that of the top ten complaints made by flat owners - nearly half of them are about noise. To deal with noisy neighbours when living in a shared block recommends the following. Check your lease and highlight any clause that either states the permitted hours that noise can be made or says the leaseholder has an obligation not to cause noise or nuisance to other occupiers.

Many leases include a keep carpeted clause. Leaseholders installing a wood floor covering would be breaking this rule. Find out who lives there. If the culprit of the noise doesn't actually own the flat they still might be breaking the terms of their tenancy and could be evicted. Get the freeholder or a director of the management company to write formally to the leaseholder in question. If speaking to your neighbour doesn't work then enlist help of a mediation service to help you negotiate a solution. Keep a diary of the noise, dates and times for evidence. Contact the Councils Environmental Protection section of the local authority as they have the power to deal with noise problems and can take action by sending a formal notice asking the noise to stop by a certain date or in extreme cases take your neighbours to court. offer the services of the Ringley Groups Legal Services Team who can pursue an action for breach of covenant (such as persistent noise or nuisance) seeking to dispossess the offending leaseholder of the property. How to deal with noisy neighbour is just one of the FREE fact sheets available from to help property owners deal with common issues affecting a residential flat. Leaseholders support provides flat owners with tools and services to take the hassle out of managing a block. Membership to costs from £525 per year (+vat).

For further information on quieter Homes visit - - which has advice on reducing noise at home. Noise Action Week is 'coordinated by NSCA, the environmental protection charity'


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