Life Gets Easier for 4.5 million Flat-owners with Website Launch

by: Mary-Anne Bowring

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Life Gets Easier for 4.5 million Flat-owners with Website Launch

Life Gets Easier for 4.5 million Flat-owners with Website Launch* For first-time buyers it can be a nightmare coming to terms with the requirements of Companies House, Fire regulations, tax returns and the daily tensions of communal living. The aims of is to allow flat-owners and lease-holders to easily self-manage by providing powerful online tools and professional, reliable information. The government has added thirty-five pieces of new legislation governing lease-holders and flat owners since 2002 alone.

Trying to raise money to pay for repairs and insurance, collecting debts from neighbouring flat-owners and dealing with legal matters can leave flat-owners lost and confused. Hiring a management agency is often a service out of the budget of those who live in smaller blocks of flats and converted houses. With the passing of the Common & Leasehold Reform Act 2002, all leaseholders now have the right to self-manage. However, with so many legal overheads, the task is often a daunting one.

The consequences of failing at self-management are high: fines or imprisonment can result if fire risk or asbestos legislation is not followed correctly. Now it's possible for anyone to access professional advice and online tools that can create accounts, issue legal demands and ensure their block is fulfilling all its legal obligations. This solution came about as a result of fifteen years in property, says Mary-Anne Bowring, The Ringley Group. What lease-holders need is a flexible and cost and time-effective way of managing their day to day lives. can provide that. And without hidden extras or management fees. You only pay for what you need. The launch of this website allows flat-owners to eliminate the needs of an accountant and unnecessary legal fees. Anyone can tailor a management package that suits their needs, budgets and ways of working. It's a sort of DIY property solution that puts the flat-owner back in the driving seat. * National Statistics Office