Britain's Best Porters 2010-11

by: News on the Block

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Britain's Best Porters 2010-11

The Porter of the Year Award was an extremely popular category At the Block Insure Property Management Awards. The Award, which is sponsored by managing agents, The Ringley Group, recognise the frontline contribution made by porterage staff towards the efficient running of any block of flats. Here we showcase the very best porters in the United Kingdom.

A. Name: Red Houjabi (Winner) Block: The Water Gardens Managing Agent: Chainbow. Commended for: Impressed the judges with his 21 years of loyal service, his can do attitude and his broad knowledge and level of skills. Some examples includes his breaking into an apartment to prevent a fire, rescuing a hyperventilating resident who was trapped in a lift by prising open the doors, and patrolling the car park to prevent rubbish being dumped there.

Among the testimonials received, two residents said: The success of our block is owed in no small part to his unflagging efforts keep this development in top shape. He is always in good spirits and friendly. My wife and I came to consider him, not just the best concierge in London, but our friend.

B. Name: Kevin Evans (Finalist) Block: One Park West Managing Agent: King Sturge commended for: his endeavours to make the building secure, clean and exceptionally well maintained, and being well thought after by residents, contractors and local agents.

C. Name: Robin Metzner (Finalist) Block: Bessborough Gardens Managing Agent: RMG Group Commended for: his caring attitude towards block residents, including those who are elderly or injured and the respect and appreciation which is given to him by lessees and work colleagues.

D. Name: Paul Sherwood (Highly Commended) Block: Advent 1, 2 & 3 Managing Agent: Regalty Estates Commended for: working tirelessly during a freezing winter at a temperature of minus 13 degrees to make urgent repairs to the main water pump in the block, to minimise disruption to the communal water supply.

E. Lance Ward (Finalist) Block: One SE8 Managing Agent: Consort Property Management Commended for: being considered a safe pair of hands by leaseholders and in particularly his vigilance in working with the police to catch a car burglar and safely evacuating residents when a penthouse apartment caught fire.

F. Name: John Watson (Finalist) Block: Park Central Managing Agent: Consort Property Management Commended for: his can do and do it right first time attitude and his initiative in working with the police and a public consultation to acquire local government funding for the installation of CCTV security cameras which was later used to help apprehend a suspect in an alleged sexual assault.


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