We agree for small blocks that get on, those who understand the leases and the accounts, employing a Managing Agent can be a luxury, so, Ringley Group offers a national budget solution for small blocks.

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Ringley’s BlockCare 300 service…..

is web based financial and legal administration for your block. YOU take the role of the Property Manager and WE run the demand cycle, collecting payments, collect the arrears, pay the bills and compiling the service charge accounts. When properties sell we’ll handle the legal paperwork, share certificates too.

Prices start from

  • £525+ Vat for 1-4 flats, and
  • £875+ Vat for 5-8 flats.

BlockCare 300 is just for small blocks of flats or groups of houses who need support but might not be able to stretch to the commitment of appointing a Managing Agent. Our role is to keep things going, we’ll run the demand cycle, a Director will set the budget (on-line) and we’ll send out the demands, collect the money, put it in a Client account for just your site. Demands will be safe (compliant) therefore protecting you from the 12 common pitfalls. Its administrative, legislative & financial back up only.

Small building works

BlockCare 300 does rely on at least 1 Director to be the driver as the Director(s)/Chair will then do the organising of repairs etc… and will ask us to pay contractors from the funds in your Client account, (by telling us to do so online – a bit like internet banking).

We’ll deal with Companies House and prepare the year end service charge accounts (from the demands we’ve issued, the money we’ve collected and the expenses posted on-line). Again this keeps you compliant with Sections 21-28 of the 1987 Landlord & Tenant Act. There are fail safe mechanisms in place, for example if nobody sends us a budget we’ll increase last years by 10% until you do so. Naturally this is only after email reminders chasing you.

The service is not a ‘fully managed’ service so you don’t get a Property Manager. In fact the property is being managed by the Directors; we’ll just be fulfilling many of the routine accounting and administrative matters. So below here’s who’ll be doing what

The Directors/Freeholder will

  • Set the budget & email it to us
  • Run any meetings
  • Arrange quotations
  • Organise repairs
  • Instruct us to pay contractors

Ringley’s Leaseholdersupport, we'll send you

  • a copy of the budget
  • demands and reminders
  • take legal action on any arrears
  • the annual service charge accounts

We’ll also

  • file the Annual Return with Companies House
  • file the Accounts
  • deal with any Solicitors enquiries when a property is selling

As a site you get assurance that:

  • Demands are legally valid
  • Arrears will be chased
  • Service charge accounts will be compliant
  • There’s step-by-step guides on most property issues on-line

We’ll offer customers

  • 4 ways to pay (cheque, DD, standing order, credit card)

If you log into the website you’ll see

  • Statements of your account
  • Advice notes on most property issues

You don’t need to commit straight away as you can sign up to all the property knowledge you need to solve block issues for free now, we call that BlockCare 100

www.leaseholdersupport.co.uk for more details or Adobe PDF Download a 5-page information pack now »

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