Forming your RTM company, is a simple process requiring the co-operation of just two leaseholders, who are willing to become Directors of the RTM Company.

What is an RTM Company?

A 'right to manage' (RTM) company is a recognisable legal entity created to manage an estate. Because you must name your RTM company on your Claim Notice it is necessary first to set up your RTM company. This is a properly constituted legal company in which those Leaseholders who participate become members.

Unless your Right to Manage company is set up in accordance with the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 your Right to Manage claim will fail. The RTM company must be limited by guarantee (as opposed to shares) and should bind Leaseholders to the compulsory Memorandum and Articles of Association (essentially the rules governing how the company is run and what it can and cannot do). (For help with recruiting members see STEP 1).

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