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We pay £5 to the first person to report a maintenance issue

  • light bulbs which the cleaner needs to change
  • dumped cars
  • blown over trees
  • dumped fridges or large items

There are 4 ways to report a problem:

  1. Photo it, and email solutions@ringley.co.uk
  2. Log onto the Ringley Gateway™
  3. Phone your Property Manager

If you are the 1st owner to report it, we’ll transfer £5 from our office account to your service charge account to say "thank you". We do this because we believe property management works best when there is a partnership between the owners and the managing agent.

Site inspections are carried out by both your Property Manager and our roaming Ringley Site Inspectors. You can see Site Reports and the audit trail of the actions we take on the Ringley Gateway online client portal.

Purchase Orders drop into the report templates so you can see that our teams are reviewing works done on site. We take photos of repairs, health & safety issues, and assess cleaning and gardening standards.

    The RICS Code of Practice for Residential Managing Agents defines a managing agent’s inspection duty as to:

    "to inspect without use of equipment, at least at the frequency agreed, such of the common parts of the Property as can be inspected safely and without undue difficulty to ascertain for the purpose of day-to-day management only the general condition of those common parts."

Site inspections do not replace the need to instruct a Chartered Surveyor to diagnose complex leaks, roof repairs or defects or prepare specification for cyclical redecorations say every 5 to 10 years.

Customer wishes we have implemented:

  • showing works orders raised to the site visit report, so you can see we have inspected works,
  • Emailing owners and tenants in advance to let people know we are coming to site in case there is something they want us to look at
  • Adding specific schedules for ‘plant rooms’, ‘car park’ areas etc.
  • Putting cleaner and gardening specifications on the Ringley Gateway™

Q. How often do you visit site?

How often we visit site depends on the size of the site and the fee agreed. Here is our guide:

Sites without staff

1-10 flats 2 visits
11-25 flats 6 visits
30+ flats 8-10 visits
50+ flats 10-12 visits
100+ flats 12-18 visits
200+ flats 18-26 visits

Sites with staff on site

1-20 flats 12 visits
30+ flats 18 visits
50+ flats 22 visits
100+ flats 26 visits
200+ flats Weekly visits

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