Our facilities managers must ensure all plant and machinery is inspected and tested on a regular basis and maintained properly. They can be on site when routine servicing is carried out to ensure that it is done in a professional manner to a quality standard and finish. Specifically, they look after the following equipment in the properties they are responsible for.

  1. Electrical maintenance

Our facilities managers make sure that the electrical system is tested regularly, five yearly is our recommendation in order to ensure that electrics are maintained in good repair and that all visible cables and sockets are free from damage and cracks, with no sign of corrosion and are securely fixed.

  1. Lifts

They arrange for the inspection and maintenance of the lifts by specialist contractors, prioritising in such a way that the impact on tenants is kept to a minimum. Furthermore, they must ensure that there is a properly functioning emergency lift phone line in place.

  1. Hot and cold water, if controlled by the landlord

They look after the maintenance, repair and replacement of all water and heating systems. They arrange a regular water risk assessment and implement any actions recommended. They procure inspection of all water storage facilities and shower heads to guard against water-borne bacteria.

Fm gas maintenance

  1. Gas service

They are responsible for the gas supply systems, keep records of all gas meter reference numbers (MRPN), commission gas safety checks and work to guide Clients on the Heat Metering Regulations.

  1. Fire detection, alarm systems and fire-fighting equipment

They ensure that weekly tests of the fire detection and alarm system are carried out. Furthermore, they procure testing and maintenance of all portable fire fighting equipment as well as all detection and alarm systems at intervals required by the law to ensure the equipment is available for use.

  1. Lightning protection

They procure maintenance for all parts of the lightning protection system.

  1. Portable appliance testing (PAT), if responsibility of the landlord

They arrange for the annual PAT for all appliances owned by the client. Additionally, they establish an inspection programme and testing procedures, keep a record of all portable equipment, prepare monthly reports to the client and arrange replacement of any item found to be unsafe.

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