Our facilities managers’ job is to deliver a planned maintenance service including the following:

As regards general building maintenance, they compile a programme of preventative maintenance (‘the PPM’) and keep a record of all planned maintenance arranged including quotes and invoices. They ensure that warning notices are displayed properly and that machinery is guarded and locked.

In terms of building access control systems and alarms, our facilities managers look after these systems and advise Clients accordingly. Furthermore, they react to issues highlighted from monitoring stations and from our 24-hour emergency phone line. As regards tenants living in the buildings, they work to establish a productive working relationship and aim to enlist tenants’ cooperation to aid crime prevention and incident reporting.

To provide a good level of security to the property, our facilities managers ensure that any CCTV installed is maintained and accessible so they can respond to issues raised by both the police and residents. Generally footage is held on archive for 12 weeks. In reaction to events security upgrades to lighting and installation of additional CCTV can be arranged.

For Client-retained units and staff accommodation these need to be fit for use for intended purpose, has properly working sockets, kitchen appliances, etc and is secure with fully tested fire detection and alarm systems. Also that that client-retained units have valid Energy Performance Certificates (‘EPCs’).

For internal fire doors, can facilities managers carry out weekly fire door checks and take remedial action where necessary.

Management of capital expenditure (CapEX) relates to any works beyond the scope of a maintenance or service contract. Our facilities managers prepare a CapEX budget, using information gleaned from a CapEX plan which would be updated by a chartered surveyor ideally every five years. Then when works fall due they appoint a contract administrator to manage contracts with planning, engineering, architecture and construction teams.

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"Buildings with complex plant require planned property maintenance tracking"

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