Why Choose Ringley for Sales, Lettings & Management

Why landlords choose Ringley for Lettings Management

Ringley’s lettings management is run from our Headquarters in Camden Town; Ringley manages over 10,000 properties. Ringley is uniquely placed to offer the benefit of full back-up from the Ringley Group, a fantastic destination for all your property needs. So when you choose Ringley you get more than an Estate Agent, you get a network of professionals and 15 minutes free advice from any of our other departments.

We offer a full Sales and Lettings Management service for both residential and commercial properties throughout London, the City and into the Home counties beyond.

Ringley is a fantastic destination for all your property needs: we offer expertise on all related matters so when you choose Ringley you get more than an Estate Agent: you get a network of professionals and 15 minutes free advice from any of our other Departments.

Property Teams:

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On site handover & tenancy inspections

As well as on-site tenancy handover’s Ringley has a team of ‘roaming property inspectors’  carry out the mid-tenancy inspections. This is a crucial part of our service: not only to check how the tenant’s are looking after your property, but also to help identify repairs early (example shower leaks/seals failing). Any discerning landlord will know that early identification of repairs is key to keeping expenses down and the rental return or yield up and recharging repairs is down to tenant mis-use or abuse this is best tackled early rather than at the end of a tenancy.

Paying you on time

We know that 54% of landlords have a mortgage on their rental properties so us paying you on time really matters. We also know you’ll be looking for a letting Agent you can trust. Meeting us or visiting our offices is the best way to see we are the right professionals for you. Here are a few things you might find important:

You should visit us before you choose a letting Agent!

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Research shows that over 80% of landlords use an Agent. 57% of them seek a professional lettings management service too!

Commercial management

Commercial property and mixed use property is a sound investment but will bring challenges. Finding a tenant is just the beginning.  Achieving market rent levels and ensuring continuity of income comes next.  You’ll need efficient property maintenance, correct repair diagnosis to make sure the tenant pays for tenant repair items.
As your commercial managing agent you’ll come to rely on our ability to take the hassle out of being a property investor.  You’ll save the time it takes to sort out the all the usual niggles and look to us to act fast and resolve issues quickly.
Commercial property management is much more than just collecting rents.  There’s repairs to identify, leases to read, liabilities to decide upon, contractors to organize and pay, insurance to secure, claims to resolve, refurbishments to plan and execute.  We take on all of the agro so you don’t have to.

We have

  • A panel of accredited contractors
  • A 24 hour emergency service
  • Bulk buying discounts on utilities, insurance and maintenance, which we pass onto you

If you own a commercial building be it a shop or office you should be talking to Ringley commercial management.

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