Our service commitment is your guarantee

We guarantee to treat you with respect, provide advice that builds trust and not to give you the need to question our integrity. Therefore, if you are unhappy with the service you receive from us, rather than the procedures, rules and law our professional bodies require us to follow not 3rd party contractors we will give you your money back.

For customers of our Estates Team

If you are a new Client and are not happy with our service after six months, we’ll help you move to a new Managing Agent and give you £500 for any inconvenience.

For individual property owners, if you believe we’ve not met our service commitment on any issue that relates directly to your property we will refund you the whole of the management fee you, as an individual, paid us in the relevant quarter.

For block wide issues where you are a Client/Company Director, if you believe we’ve not met our service commitment to your block, we will refund to the site bank account 10% of the management fee the site paid us in the relevant quarter up to a maximum of £500.

For customers of our Professional Services Team

If you believe we’ve broken our service commitment we will refund you the proportion of the relevant fees for the job stage we let you down on.

For customers of Agency Team

If you believe we’ve broken our service commitment we will refund you the finders fee, letting management fee or agency fee you paid us in the relevant quarter.

How to call upon our guarantee

If you feel our service has failed you, you must report this to us, in writing, within 14 days of a specific incident or service failing. This will give us the opportunity to refund your money and investigate properly so we can make any necessary process or service improvements for the future. Service concerns will be benchmarked against the scope of service or service level agreement as appropriate. It gets better, just for raising an issue we will send you a £10 M&S Voucher to thank you for giving us the opportunity to improve, that’s a meal or a night in on us. You should write to The Chairman, Ringley Group, Ringley House, 349 Royal College Street, London NW1 9QS


Go to http://www.complainringley.co.uk/ to see our key senior personnel

Request a copy of Ringley Group complaints procedure

To help understanding where the words ‘Customer’ and ‘Client’ are used, the Customer is the individual person and the Client is the corporate entity that is legally permitted to issue instructions to Ringley.