I enjoyed working on the new website and it made me realise how work actually goes into making a good website for an agency.

After finishing my language course I had to choose one between two companies. I tried to find the every information about the companies and I decided to choose Ringley and I have no regret choosing this company.
Everything that I felt in the first day made me definitely excited. And there was more responsibility on me than I expected.

During the next weeks I got more and more responsibility and tasks which I loved to work on. I was not one of these "always coffee brewing interns" but I was involved into the companie's processes as I would have been a fultime-staff-member. I was always given tasks according to my personal interests and what I was good in.
After all I could not imagine any other intern-placement that could have suited better. Thank you Ringley for a great time!

My internship at Ringley provided me with an important experience within the legal profession in the Legal English System. As an Italian trainee lawyer and notary it gave me an excellent insight into the English system and a valuable chance to explore different methods of work.
I enjoyed working at Ringley because it is a reliable and up-to-date Company, very open to the internship experience and able to take care of the interns’ needs.

I had to calculate the gross margins and the output per employee. After finishing the task I should write down the method how get these data, so that it is possible for everyone to reproduce the necessary steps. I have been at Ringley´s for almost three month and overall I can say my expectations were absolutely fulfilled. My English is much more fluent as my Excel skills are much more rehearsed now. Furthermore I got a good insight how a property management company works and I had the opportunity to learn some basics in Sage.
I enjoyed my time at Ringley and therefore I am very grateful!

During my 3 months at Ringley, I learned quite a lot of things. Firstly, the stay here improved my English in area of business and property management. As I worked on draft web pages for the company, I had to go through legal texts, building engineering, property management and business articles and this improved not only my understanding skills but also my ability to express myself on official level and formulate official sentences.
I also enjoyed site visits I carried out once a week. I was really interesting to enter a wide range of UK buildings, built in different periods, different styles and having various defects.
When I work on a project I like to see that my effort makes sense. So I can say I enjoyed all small jobs I was given when I could see that they contributed to the general improvement of Ringley system.

Patience and speed, accuracy and organisation, behaviour are some of the most important things I learned during my internship at Ringley.
I started working as an assistant in the Marketing Department. My Supervisor often used to say "time is money". Therefore the aim was to be quick but do quality work at the same time.
Bespoke, perturbed, iniquitous or ostensibly are some examples of the new words I have learned at Ringley everyday. Obviously, another aspect of my internship was the improvement of my English skills. Everyday was a new opportunity to learn new words, to speak in English and of course, to be corrected by native speakers. They have always taken the necessary time to answer my questions and reformulate if I didn’t understand the answer or just to have quick chats about random facts such as “the word of the day” or “the random information of the day”.
I have met so many different people, different characters and learned a lot of their experiences. I really enjoyed working in this company and when I will leave, I will be proud of saying Ringley helped me to grow up, enriched me professionally and personally.