In our block of 8 flats,we have a proposal to obtain a gas barbeque. Can you advise on the regulations we have to abide by on this, or indicate the appropriate legislation etc.

These matters usually fall to the estate regulations - a typical version of estate regulations are available on request from Ringley. Essentially the usual approach is: 1) only permit organised parties, organised by the FH or Residents Management Company 2) if a private party is to be agreed to then require a deposit for damage or burn marks to the grass etc.... 3) gas should not be kept near a building in any quantity, so storing this well away from the property at the end of the garden may be a condition 4) who will clean it - is the likely problem - if nobody, then it will soon become a rusting eyesore Gas canisters are a hazard but a normal hazard that millions of households would consider a fair and normal risk (1 canister for 1 BBQ)

N Philip,