What our customers are saying

"Priya, thanks for getting back to me promptly. My experience with Ringley and Outlook Property has been far more professional compared to that of other letting agencies/landlords I have used in the past." Mr H - 486

"Lee [...] always advised us with the most incredible speed and quality." Mr C - 485

"You have done a lot in the short time in getting to grips with our account. Thanks for all your efforts. " Mr G- 484

"The relationship we have with you is of the highest quality in terms of service and speed in replying (exceptional for lawyers I must say)." Mr C - 481

"'Thanks Lee [...]. Many thanks for your patient support and guidance throughout this long process.'" Mr F- 479

"Congratulations! I was very pleased to receive this news. Thanks for all your work on making the redecoration happen." Ms F- 475

"Hi James, yes it was a lot of man and project management but we got there in the end. I must also thank you for being so responsive and the concierge team at Ringley for their support which has been excellent." Mr C - 461

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Girish for being very professional and helpful during our phone call today, it was nice to speak to a professional employee who understood my frustrations and was willing to help." Ms H- 456

"I want to register that dealing with Ringley at our end has been good. Don't know how others feel, but given experience with others, they've been good for us." Mr K- 455

"Many thanks for your help with this statement, I really appreciate your time and commitment here." Mr N- 453

"I just wanted to thank you for the hard work you put into the AGM yesterday. I think you handled what were at times a rowdy and difficult crowd, excellently. I got the impression that your input and experience are highly valued by everyone in the building, and whilst I can imagine it isn’t easy at times - it is appreciated." Mr L- 452

"Many thanks Shannan for your help today with the direct debit issue I had, I appreciate all that you have done so efficiently." Mrs K- 449

"Lee handled out recent freehold purchase and we were very impressed with the service he offered. He explained everything clearly, his fees were clear, and he was always responsive. We would be happy to recommend him and would use him again in the future." Ms C- 446

"We can rely on the service of Ringley Legal. Alex provides a good, reliable, responsive and personal service to us. " Mr G- 445

"Alex is always quick to respond to any query I may have but most importantly, he has ensured that the process of registering transfers on behalf of both the Landlord and Management Company is running smoothly. It is to both the Landlord’s and the Management Company’s benefit that we and Ringley work well together to achieve our aims and Alex is certainly helping to ensure that this is happening and that solicitors / leaseholders are receiving the correct information. Alex is a pleasure to work with and I only wish that all the legal teams of the management companies that I deal with were as efficient and pro-active as Alex is." Regent Property Management Ltd- 444

"Brilliant. Thank you and...BIG THANKS for everything too. Merry Christmas! Very best wishes, I will certainly recommend you" Ms S- 442

"Thanks again for all your help, you have been brilliant - we really thought with the freehold purchase and DoV it would be us holding up the chain but turns out we have been ready and waiting and the buyers are the ones being slow!" Ms C- 441

"Dear Martyna, Thank you for your response. It has been a pleasure to work with you. We received a letter today to say we have got permission to alter so many thanks for your effort in sorting and speeding it up. I am extremely happy to think I am doing business with Ringley if they have people like you working for them. " Ms M- 437

"Many thanks Girish - you have saved the day!" Company That Places Interns- 436

"Years ago (2010), after making your acquaintance, you helped me get my lease extended. I have always been impressed that you understand leases. I know you understand leases, as I say, better than anyone else I've ever come across." Ms M- 434

"This is just to let you know what excellent service I received today from Leah. She was terrific in dealing with our aerial problem and also excellent on follow up communication. " Mrs M- 432

"Thank you for your clear explanation of the accounts at the Annual General Meeting. I feel I have a better understanding of how the accounts were presented." Mr B- 428

"I have been pleased by the assistance provided by Mary-Anne, Debra, Nicholas and Lee. Each person has responded promptly, courteously and professionally to my enquiries. Based on my experience, I would not hesitate to recommend Ringley." Mr H- 426

"Wow the quotes regarding the Tree Trimming requested sounded brilliant. I was worried about the birds. Thank you for getting the tree cut back. I have a view out of my window :)" Miss P- 425

"Dear Mary-Anne, Many thanks for taking the time to assist me in this matter. Your comments have provided me with a much clearer view as to how to proceed." Mr H- 422