Ringley are a specialist Property Management Company in London, and more specifically Camden and the surrounds which is why we thought we would create this page to highlight why you should use a local property management company situated just north of Camden Lock in the London Borough of Camden.

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Our offices have been head quartered here for over 25 years so this is our guide !

History of Perry Barr

Perry Barr, previously documented in the Domesday Book as being referred to as "Pirio" and "Barre" in which denotes "pear tree" and "hill top", referencing the local highest hill (Barr Beacon). Henry Irving formally announced , on the 6th March 1878, as a result of becoming president of the institute; his speech was then reprinted in the release of Theatre and then later sold in pamphlet form to raise money for a new institute building which was converted into the formally known  Birchfield Community Library. Perviously during the period of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century Perry Barr was formally a district of Staffordshire which largely inhabited into Birmingham and consequently Warwickshire. However in 1974 Birmingham transformed into a metropolitan borough, thus also transforming Perry Barr into part of the west midlands.


Property values

The suburban ward Perry Barr, is close to central Birmingham with large quantities of green space and a diverse, youthful communnity as well as the Alexander Stadium which is situated in the former Perry Park.

Property Type Average Current Value
Detached (3 bedroom) Unknown
Semi-Detached (3 bedroom) Unknown
Terraced (3 bedroom) Unknown
Flat (2 bedroom) Unknown

With the current rental values being:

Property Type Average Rent (Per week)
Detached (3 bedroom) Unknown
Semi-Detached (3 bedroom) Unknown
Terraced (3 bedroom) Unknown
Flat (2 bedroom) Unknown

New developments in Perry Barr

The local Residential development centre hopes to create a more dense population resulting from their focus of specific sites around the local area and believes that creating diversity of building heights will bring an innovative, vibrant approach to the area.

Birmingham council have dedicated conversion plans in Perry Barr, in which include development of a possible 5,000 new residential areas as well as enhanced facilities for city locals.

What our CEO, Mary Anne Bowring, likes about Perry Barr

Over the years I have enjoyed watching the local area blossom and mordernise while also keeping its historic roots. There is much to enjoy in and around Perry Barr with my personal favorites being the Soho House Museum- finding out about Mattew Bolton and touring his wonderful home and attending Wyndley Leisure Centre- which provides a range of work out and groups and a great choice of facilities.

What is Perry Barr famous for?

Perry Barr is greatly know for being the home of the very first chain branded Odeon cinema. 85 years ago the brilliant way to entertain locals, flourished in the area which later caused a riple effect, catching the eyes of many.

Things to do in Perry Barr

There is much to do in Perry Barr for locals and visitors of all ages, for example there are many daycares and play centres for children and for teens and adults there is local festivals, fairs and planned weekends: Job fairs, Cocktail weekends and book festivals.

Perry Barr also offers many facilites, shops and open green spaces as well as in the evening there is nigh-life in local cities from bars clubs and discos for those wanting to relive the past or look for a night out with friends

What local People said...

Top 3 Property Management Companies in Perry Barr

1. Ringley Group – specialising in the block management of residential and regeneration consultancy

2. Asif Kola Realty - Birmingham Estate Agent

3. Savills Birmingham Estate Agents

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