Add value to your block – get a Virtual Concierge

Surprisingly only around 23% of apartment blocks in central London boast a concierge. Anybody buying a flat will know that apartments in blocks with Concierge are worth more, but if you thought that there are just 2 types of blocks of flats:

Blocks with Concierge those with concierge
Blocks without Concierge those with none


those with a Virtual Concierge Blocks with a Virtual Concierge

Ringley’s Virtual Concierge product brings “Site TV” to your block. “Site TVTM” is a real time connection from the Managing Agent, and the Concierge Desk to a plasma screen in Reception that communicates in real time aspects such as

  • Housekeeping rules (rubbish, pets….)
  • Your contacts at Ringley
  • An overview of Site Staff roles
  • Gym induction processes or yoga in the garden
  • The date of your next meeting
  • A Board news/update page
  • Group email addresses or facebook pages for the site

And the best bit…… when there is a major catastrophe Ringley or the Site Staff can stop the screen with a message to let all know that……. The lift is down, A callout has been booked and the Lift Company are expected on site at 4pm.

The product was conceived as a result of a complete re-think about how we could add value to a block;

  1. Communication improved: we think

    …. people feel better if they know what is happening without having to make a call or read an email
    ….. because as our contractural relationship is with owners, they probably won't get the time to inform their Letting Agent who may then not get the time to inform all the tenants, so we thought it would be great if they came home from work and knew about emergency repair action as it was happening

    So we enabled real time updates
  2. Stopping the things that annoy you:

    ….. people not knowing the rules, either because they’ve not lived in an apartment before, or because vital information is not passed down through Letting Agents to Tenants or because people don’t read welcome packs
    …... people flouting the rules…. We found instances where through active communication we can embarrass or deter certain behaviour. A favourite is the slide to deter ‘holiday lets’ it has worked a treat.

    So we put the rules in classy pictures
  3. Helping people care more about the block:

    ….. whilst people are waiting in Reception or for a lift, we could help them understand a little more about the block and who does what
    …..guests and people viewing properties to buy or rent would like to know the building is well managed and we could communicate this to them
    ….. we could show when meetings are coming soon…. Perhaps this might persuade a few more people to attend.
    ….. Board members can post news

    So we used “Site TV™” to engage
  4. We thought about how to say being neighbours is good:
    ….. to create a space where people could let others in the block see their email address,
    …… say they are willing to lend tea/coffee Coffee Bean
    So we made a place to show you are friendly
  5. Things people forget:

    … to log into the Gateway™ website for the block

We believe managing blocks of flats well is all about creating a partnership between the owners, residents and the Agent. Feedback suggests Site TV is working. We hope we have done a little bit to reach out to those people who pass us by in the lift but don’t really ever say hello, or who would feel awkward borrowing tea or coffee; those people who want a personal trainer or yoga in the garden but don’t know there is a yoga instructor living in the block!

How “Site TV” works

Site TV is a Ringley hosted web driven plasma screen wall or ceiling mounted in the communal area, usually reception. The TV connects to Ringley via a broadband line. The “Site TV” product is cloud software and is tailored to each development by adding photos of the block, site staff, details of Board/committee members, the Property Manager’s contact details and more….. This personalises who is involved in the running of your development and their responsibilities. Other slides communicate community events via news boards: committee news, concierge news, managing agents’ news etc….

View Demo as a

Active HR Manager

Ringley have an HR module for each site with on-site staff. The basics include:

  • shift rotas,
  • timesheets,
  • holidays/absence reporting

There are also learning materials on-line and each subject has a competency test (an on-line multi-guess quiz which is instantly marked). On attaining 70%+ the User gets a ‘competency certificate’ on-line too.
A webcam can be added to the concierge desk PC enabling contractors visiting to be photographed and then displayed on the “Site TV”. Visitors can then see ‘Dave – Abseiler on site today’ and a picture of Dave, naturally this enhances security.

New for 2013 A ‘building manual’ that Concierge are encouraged to adapt and evolve to fit their building. For example, this could include the emergency lift release procedure and decision trees on what to do for all the usual problems.

New for 2013 are handheld computers (PDA’s) for use when the Site Staff do walk-about. They can then take pictures, add a comment (within a pre-programmed report) say what action they took on the item or mark the item for the Property Manager’s attention. Then when the report is uploaded it synchronises to Ringley and any action items drop into the Property Manager’s workflow.

Note for developers

The Ringley Group claims that “Site TV” adds up to 1% to flat sales prices by enhancing the development specification. All developers sell the dream of the show flat and customers buy a perceived lifestyle. “Site TV” and “Active HR Manager” clearly enhance and support a premium lifestyle and also do a great job of communicating with the buyers who get in early before the site is fully up and running.

What does it cost?

Nothing to install the first 32”” plasma and connect to an existing Concierge desk PC and broadband line where the annual management fee is £20,000 per annum +. Otherwise, just ask and we can price an installation for you. Whilst “Site TV” was not designed for small blocks some developers are paying to put “Site TV” in small blocks in areas like Chigwell and Highgate where they know it adds to sales. For cost price of the equipment, Ringley can arrange a TV upgrade to a 42″ or 50″ TV.