On-site staff options

Our role is to help establish which options are right for each development. This means costing various options to help you evaluate the impact on the gross to net.

  Asset / Investment Management Lettings Management Finding Tenants Freehold Management Maintenance
In House FH Staff Costs FH Staff Costs FH Staff Costs FH Staff Costs FH Staff Costs
Hybrid FH Staff Costs FH Staff Costs FH Staff Costs FH Staff Costs £/unit/year + % works
Hybrid FH Staff Costs FH Staff Costs % Rent £/unit/year £/unit/year + % works
Hybrid FH Staff Costs % Rent % Rent £/unit/year £/unit/year + % works

This will also flesh out a suitable compliment of staff roles which could include:

  • Lettings suite OR Management office
  • House Manager’s office OR Site Manager’s office
  • Concierge desk OR Security gatehouse

Considering likely tenants we will work with your Architects to advise on and factor amenities into the design.
Some will also generate additional income. See amenities page

Site staff accountability

Ringley is a company that manages by objectives and believes in 100% transparency in the process and what is being achieved. Through our App suite using smart phones Site Staff and Head Office Chartered Surveyors & Engineers will be demonstrating what is getting achieved on your building(s).

House Manager or Tenant Liaison Officers

be upskilled to carry out ‘check-in’, ‘check-out’ and ‘interim-inspections’


are expected to do an end of shift walk through to test standards using our ‘end of shift checklists’ *


on each shift in-rotation will walk different parts of the site with their checklists

Property Managers

use our Site Inspector interim H&S App to review the building(s) in detail and can also carry out ‘check-in’, ‘check-out’ and ‘interim-inspections’

Maintenance Engineers

will begin their day with an inspection of plant & warning lights, then start their jobs list

It’s all customisable

App checklists are custom definable to each building so the scope and responsibilities are agreed.

Actions track back to the person defined as responsible for action so this way we engage staff at all levels in site quality.

Sometimes, according to what is being inspected items will track back to the person inspecting enforcing what is non-negotiable that it is part of their job so all pull together in the interests of protecting the brand.