Multi-channel lettings process

Planning the customer experience

Building a brand means the on-site team must be involving them in designing every detail of the ‘new customer journey’;

We’re happy to run workshops covering:

Creating excitement

Coveted treats

Your space




New Applicants Tenant enquiries

Tenant portal

Articulated process design means lettings admin is reduced so teams can focus on ‘tenant relations’.

  • marketing is via web, email, virtual tour and social media
  • reference requests are on-line
  • tenancy agreements signed by docusign
  • landlord’s can track deals online and authorise keys to be issued
  • rents payable by direct debit or for student, paid in advance
  • inventories carried out on smart phones to SMS or email to tenants
  • inventory acceptance and comments via docusign
  • add-ons pard by credit card on the tenants app and portal
  • tenant app enabling tenants to check their account
  • repairs reported via the tenant app and portal

App ………. coming soon

Over time residents will take amenities for granted, so long term differentiator must be service:

Friendly and helpful site staff

Easy access to service

And, superb efficient back office response