Legal services

At Ringley our aim is to ensure that our property management is not without responsive, affordable legal backup.

Our in-house Legal Services Team offers specifically property tailored solutions on:

  • Recovery of service charge debts via
    • County Court litigation
    • Leasehold Valuation Tribunal where "reasonableness" needs to be proved
    • Charging orders

  • Legal drafting to
    • grant statutory 90 year lease extensions and 999 year leases
    • vary defective service charge clauses & enable advance collection
    • vary defective insurance clauses
    • form freehold purchase participation agreements
    • execute licence to assign
    • prepare lessees and sub-tenants deed of covenant
    • deal with sub-letting consent

  • Court & Tribunal presentation
    • Service charge arrears & recoverability
    • Big Works the need & a determination that costs are reasonable
    • Breach of Lease: Alterations, Nuisance….
    • Absentee Freeholders
    • Lease Extension & Freehold Purchase Premiums
    • Court Appointed Manager appointments

  • Supporting those with Absentee Freeholders
    • County Court applications to seek a "vesting order" to enable a lease extension or freehold purchase to continue even if the Freeholder cannot be found.
    • Leasehold Valuation Tribunal applications to get a "reasonable" premium determined to extend a lease or buy the freehold.

  • Residential Conveyancing
    • Leaseholders pre-sale enquiries
    • To buy the freehold of your block of flats

  • Service of Notices
    • Section 42 Notice to claim a 90 year lease extension
    • Section 45 Freeholder's Counter Notice where lease extension is sought
    • Section 13 Notice to enfranchise and buy the freehold of your block
    • Section 21 Freeholder's Counter Notice where freehold purchase is sought
    • Section 20 Notice to consult over big works
    • Section 20 Notice to consult over qualifying long term agreements
    • Leasehold Valuation Tribunal applications to dispense with the requirements to serve a Section 20 consultation notice
    • Section 79 Notice to claim your right to manage
    • Section 38 Notice for disrepair to leasehold property
    • Section 146 Notice seeking forfeiture for breach of covenant
    • Section 5 Freeholder’s Notice giving leaseholders 1st right of refusal

  • Company Secretarial functions
    • Formation of Right to Manage companies (RTM Companies)
    • Formation of Right to Enfranchise companies (RTE Companies)
    • Fulfillment of the Company Secretarial role
    • Preparation of resolutions, meeting notice and re-structuring a company to buy the freehold or sell freehold shares to non freehold shareholders
    • Assistance with company de-regulation
    • Clients get an online company secretarial toolbox, AND 84 FREE pre-drafted downloadable resolutions

Buying, selling and managing property can be a complex business.
If you have any questions regarding legal issues please contact our Legal Team.