Setting up for block management with Ringley

Handover Process

Since 1997 Ringley has grown from a modest startup to a significant mid-sized player. We employ over 60 talented people and a manage around 10,000 units. So we know handovers are not always easy and how to protect you if records are incomplete, getting records together to set you up for block management is our headache not yours.

We follow the ARMA recommended handover requirements, so we know that all data relating to the property, insurance, contracts and contractors, the lessees, legal issues, accounting, staff, health & safety and company information are accurately received and processed on handover.

We like to write out to all owners before we get appointed to let them get a flavour of Ringley and our friendly approach. You’ll find us approachable to give you advice both before and throughout the transition process.

With as little as a lease and list of owners immediate set up is possible. We’ll reserve the position on opening balances and other matters whilst our detective work pieces the rest together.

Investigating your past concerns:

If your balance sheet is not clean…..
we can advise and uncover what’s been hidden
If you’re worried about past overcharging ….
we can advise on reasonableness and recoverability

Ability to take emergency action

If your accounts are late ….
our Accountants can compile and submit
If you company are under threat of being wound up
We’ll apply to filing extensions

If your past Agent won’t provide what we need

After 3 months Where unregulated
After 3 months this can become an official complaint to ARMA, the Ombardsman

It you’ve achieved your Right to Manage but can’t get the funds

Because service charges in the pot belong to leaseholders
We can file a Section 94 application with the Tribunal

Reducing your overheads going forwards

If you’re a small block and your lease requires a full accounting audit
We can advise on a Section 37 application to the Tribunal to vary the lease

Ensuring the continuity of your Right to Manage company

If you’re worried about people dropping out leaving you with the RTM company costs
We can advise on registering a restriction on titles to require new owners to become members



A typical lease or copy leases

We can buy lease(s) from HM Land Registry for circa £25 each

Details of who insures the block

We can track from last known insurer

Copy utility bills for landlords supply

We can trace details from utility provider

Copy last 3 years accounts

We can buy from Companies House. If accounts have not been prepared we can prepare them from bank statements

Copy current service charge estimate

A lessee should have one

Copy of bills incurred this year that were not included in last years accounts as these will be part of the accounting accruals and prepayments

We can make a relevant risk disclosure on the accounts

Schedule of leaseholders names & addresses

We can buy from HM Land Registry

Statement of each leaseholders account to act as opening balances

We can trace from bank statements and track movements since last accounts. Onus on the leaseholder to prove payment

Sets of keys to the common parts

A leaseholder can cut us some keys

Details of any contractors you want to keep on

A leaseholder can tell us

Clear bank reconciliations & up to date bank statements

We can buy copy statements from bank

List of payments on Direct Debit so we can set up new DD’s

If unavailable when DD’s are returned, payee will find us! But, we will have already traced & written to them from bank statements

Copies of contractor invoices not yet paid

If unavailable the person wanting the money will find us!!

Fire Risk Assessment

We’ll need to arrange one to comply with legislation

Asbestos Survey register

We’ll need to arrange it. If samples confirm there is no asbestos the survey lasts forever