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What does a property in London or in the UK mean to you?

A Home

A City Pad

A Place to Study

An Investment

A Safe Haven

A Hideaway

London properties, in good locations will always perform well in the long term, in spite of short term property market dips. When the property market is not so good, rents often rise, and research shows long-term underlying rental growth throughout London and the UK remains strong as London remains Europe’s financial capital one of the world’s most sought after property safe heavens and, the UK is highly ranked in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index. Demand for rental properties consistently outstrips supply and this is likely to continue.

Size of the UK rental market

  • 2.5 million rental properties (2005)
  • 3.5 million rental properties (2010)
  • 5.4 million rental properties (2015)
  • 20% of households expect to be long term tenants (1 in 5 persons)

Whether you are a regular investor or an accidental landlord who needs to rent out your home we’ve got the expertise to help you understanding property in London.

Map of our London Area‘Central London – is Zone 1 on the tube map’, Greater London Zones 2-6 and Outside Zone 6 are the commuter towns and business districts which serve jobs in London and at our 5 London airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stanstead, London City).

For property investments Central London falls into the following areas;


The West End sets the rhythm for the entire city drawing in an amazing crowd: theatre pilgrims head to Covent Garden; literati follow Virginia Woolf’s footsteps around Russell Square and Bloomsbury; Soho’s late night parties swing until late; Mayfair is for some quiet time with club members whilst late night shoppers head to Selfridges in Oxford Street.


North London keeps the city breathing, it pumps in fresh heath air and fills eyes with stunning city views. It is also about love for cats, dogs, long walks and urban conservation. Hampstead opens its lungs and lends fresh air to London. Camden showcases emerging music stars and boasts europes largest permanet urban market.

The City

The City is all about finance, business suits and late night trade deals often wrapped up in classy city restaurants or wine bars. Residences are coming back to the City and over the weekends the City turns intoone of London’s best kept secrets, a walker’s paradise, packed with history wonders to explore. 42 magical City churches are open to the public including the iconic St Paul's.

South West

The most expensive properties have London’s SW postcode. Rich and famous, ‘non-doms’, Arab royalty, Russian oligarchs looking for a safe investment all desire a piece of Knightsbridge, South Kensington or Chelseand love to shop in harrods.


West London is all about pretty homes facing green open spaces and glamour. There are Royal Parks to lose yourself in, meadows in Hyde Park and the wondrous traditional English gardens of Kensington; Quirkey mews with quaint pastel fronted terraces, short skirts and posh people in strolling along Kings Road are some typical sights. Glamour and fine al-fresco dining in Notting Hill; fabulous riverside views and idyllic walks in Kew are other draws.


Westminster is the administrative centre and boasts Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace so keeps tabs on time, order and history. Westminster also houses Trafalgar Square parties and river front fireworks celebrations aand unforgettable live music in Hyde Park.


East London boosts Clerkenwell, Smithfields Maket, Hoxton, Shoreditch, Docklands and Stratford. East London was home of the 2012 olympics and is emerging and is home to cool, creative and spirited people. In the last ten years, computer games, crafts and stunning street art and music have all shifted to the east.

South East

South East London is marked by the river and development and regeneration continues along the Thames. The South Bank is the biggest open air festival ground in Europe and includes the Tate Modern a 21st century art treasure trove. Further down the river the classy and gracious neoclassical Greenwich Palace looks over Canary Wharf‘s sticking skyscrapers.

How to know where to buy your London property investment

Because London is a collection of villages it does not suffer in the way that many overseas emerging cities do.  Yes there are emerging areas but generally what is desirable, and what is not, are pretty constant.

Understanding UK Property

What do you want from your UK property investment?
…….capital growth or maximum income

If it is capital growth you are looking for then you’ll need to invest in the following types of property:

  • prime properties.
  • super prime properties.
  • properties in up and coming areas, in a strong market.
  • well located properties near to new transport hubs.
  • properties in an under supplied area, say around a new college.

To get a good income return on your investment, (we call it a yield) then you’ll need our help to understand London. (rent / capital value = yield). Ringley monitor residential investment yields across all London property postcodes and can advise you on yields, rents and capital values.

Ringley’s guide:  When to buy London property or UK rental investments

  • In a global context many an economist would say as a rule of thumb if in the USA it takes more than 9 months to sell a home the whole world is going to a recession.
  • For London investment property the London stock exchange, (FTSE 100) is the lead indicator on what is likely to happen in the property market 6 months on.
  • The bottom of a recessionary cycle seemingly never goes below  low in the previous cycle.
  • In a recovery because financial reporting is quarterly, it generally takes 6 months for property (which is largely driven by the media, consumer confidence and finance availability) to react;
  • Double dip recessions are not new, they tend to happen every 2nd recession or If markets fall by more than 50% (1930’s, 1970’s, 2008)
  • Triple dip recessions are statistically unheard of, so you need to watch for the recovery;
  • When investing, the past does predict the future, even though technology has advanced, recessions are largely caused by human reactions to market conditions – so history does seem to repeat itself – the trend charts are the same.
  • Any property cycle will have the following elements:
    • Fall;
    • Drag (typically 2 years);
    • Recovery;
    • Release (typically 6 months uneven recovery;
    • General recovery;
    • Boom (booms after double dip recessions are generally shorter)

Buying London property off plan (in a new built development)

Ringley work with a number of reputable house builders to source property investments to buy off plan.  Buying a property in a new development ‘off plan’ is an essential part of how housebuilders secure their cashflow and can secure investors some great early purchase discounts and the prospect of capital growth to ride a rising market. Deals to be negotiated include ‘guaranteed rental returns’, or buying the show house or flat and then renting it back to the housebuilder.

Adding value to existing assets:

Many London properties have the potential to be worth more and Ringley can help you release valve in an asset by remodelling layouts, adding a roof extension to.  We offer a full range of support services to help you buy properties to let, refurbish and prepare for letting.

  • Ringley Legal LLP – our Solicitors practice to help with acquisitions, wills and tax planning;
  • Ringley Building Engineering – to help you convert houses to flats, convert the loft-space, prepare planning submissions or for full refurbishments;
  • Ringley Valuation – Can help you with valuations, to extend your lease, or, raise finance;
  • Ringley Property Management – great for landlords who own the whole property or block, we can manage the lettings and the block keeping you legally compliant;
  • Ringley Agency – to help you with acquiring new properties for rent and to manage your portfolio.

So whether you decide to invest in a new build property or refurbish an existing residential property, Ringley’s professionals will help find the ideal investment, arrange a mortgage (if required) and will provide you with first-hand technical support and advice.

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