Ringley’s Property Search & Acquisition Services

Are you looking to buy a property? Not sure what the property market is doing?  Do you know where property prices are going?  Which part of a town is up and coming and where should you avoid?

Or put simply do you know what’s good value? And, what’s not?

Then you might do well to appoint an ‘acquisition agent’ who knows the property market, the right people, what makes a property investment, what’s the right price and generally what’s going on.

We find,
                we analyse,
                                we negotiate, and
we secure investment deals for our clients.

The best bit is we’ll tailor this to get you the best property at the best price to match your investment needs, aspirations and budget.  The process of buying a property is not easy; the time it takes to find the right property is not quick; the energy you’ll need to research service charges, reserves, rent levels may be better spent on your day-job; and as most landlord’s don’t live in the area they buy there’s the problem of local property-related knowledge too.

We also specialise in helping people find property to rent in London.  So, whether you are relocating to London, or looking to buy a property or rent a property in London we’ll put together an acquisition strategy and deliver a property for you.

As well as saving you time visiting unsuitable properties, we’ll provide an informed opinion on the property market.  We’ll manage the negotiation and purchase processes for you and can arrange the move too.

How buying a property for you works :   2 simple steps

Step 1:  Retain us
First you’ll need to retain us to find a property that meets your requirements and pay a non-refundable registration fee.

Step 2:  Pay a success fee
On exchange of contracts, you pay a success fee, from which the registration fee is deducted.

How finding a property for you to rent works :   1 simple step

Step 1: Pay a success fee
When you sign the tenancy agreement, you pay a success fee

More about Ringley’s acquisition and property search service

Ringley’s property search service begins with a review of what you are looking for and why. Buying a property is about a lot more than just place and price.

What does a property in London or the UK mean to you?

A Home
A City Pad
A Place to Study
An Investment
A Safe Haven
A Hideaway

London properties, in good locations and, in good condition will always perform well in the long term, in spite of short term property market dips. When the property market is not so good, rents will often rise. Research shows long term underlying rental growth in this rental sector throughout London and the UK. The UK remains is Europe’s financial capital and remains one of the world’s most sought after property safe heaven.
Better still, as one of the largest world economies the UK is highly ranked in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index. There is always a strong demand for properties to rent and to buy; in the last ten years demand for rental properties has outstripped supply and this is likely to continue.

  • 2.5 million rental properties (2005)
  • 3.5 million rental properties (2010)
  • 17% of households expect to be long term tenants
  • this is predicted to be 20% by 2016, or 1 in 5 persons.

So whether you are a regular investor or an accidental landlord who just needs to rent out your home we’ve got the expertise to help you.   Rental returns and exit strategy have to weighed up and considered.
For a family purchase, we need to understand all the aspects of your family live – where you work, school, friends, aspirations.

The property search
The SEARCH part of our service is exactly that – searching out the best property both on and off the market. Debriefing the property to you and getting you to see the property as soon as we can.   If you like the property, we’ll begin the due diligence for you.  Negotiation starts with researching the background of the vendor, to put us, for you, into the best possible negotiating position.

The negotiation
A good negotiation requires clear communication, liaising with you every step of the way.  What we’ll be seeking to deliver is lowest offer accepted on terms that suit you.

The property purchase
After your offer has been accepted, there’s a lot to do.  We’ll look at every aspect of the property, work with the surveyor, talk to the neighbours, talk to the planners, confer with your solicitor right up to Exchange of Contracts.

Once the property is yours……
Someone is going to be moving in.  Perhaps you.   Or if we’ve acquired a property investment for you then we’ll be getting on with sourcing quality tenants for you.  The work goes on, sourcing local tradesmen, suppliers, helping with the move and being on hand to advise.

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