Get 10% OFF your service charges*
Use Ringley to find you a tenant & manage your letting
  1. We’re on site regularly anyway,
  2. No other Agent knows the building better,
  3. Tenancy inspections will actually happen, **
  4. We’ve access to reliable trades who know the building,
  5. We’ll manage insurance claims fast, to keep premiums down, and
  6. We’ll react faster, we’re on call 24 hours a day – unlike most Agents!

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As a valued Service Charge management client, you’ll also get

Not time to re-let yet,
We can take over managing your letting at any time, that way you start to receive your 10% discount now. And, we’re already in place to deal with the re-let quicker.

You are not letting anyone down
We’ll manage your Local Agent to introduce tenants, we do the vetting & the contracts and manage things thereafter.
This gives you Ringley as your 1 point of contact for all your property matters and 10% off your service charges.

Terms and Conditions

*Applies to Ringley Managed blocks where scale lettings management, lettings and renewal fees apply.Offer is for 10% of current/future day to day service charges only (excludes arrears, reserve fund or capital works expenditure, site staff salaries, balancing charges and ground rent).  To qualify both the block and letting must be managed by Ringleys for 12 months, should either be terminated a pro-rata return of services charges paid beyond block or letting managed period will be due.

** 2 Letting management includes 2 mid-term tenancy inspections for a 12 month contract or 1 for a 6 month contract.

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